CHAOS Steering Group

In Summer 2016, a few CHAOS members came together to talk about their shared desire for creative communities to have a stronger voice in cultural projects and policy making going on in Southampton. Encouraged by friends and colleagues, we decided to come together as a “steering group” (because we couldn’t think of a better word) to grow CHAOS from the informal networking organisation facilitated by an individual into a representative body that can support the city’s creators and be the channel by which their voices can be heard.

We are a self selected group; a coalition of willing local creatives who happen to have the time and skills to get this show on the road. Our instincts are to be as open, involving and transparent as we can and no one is getting paid for their time to do this so our resources are limited.

The Steering Group’s aims are:

  • To establish CHAOS as a representative membership organisation for Southampton’s creators 
  • To engage local creative communities on shaping up what that looks like in practice
  • To take steps in the mean time that open up local cultural policy making and projects to the local creative communities
  • To carry on running the Meet Ups and In Conversation events

We have given ourselves a year – meeting every other month – to do this
We are looking for sources of funding that may be able to help. 
This is not certain so CHAOS has to go forward relying on volunteer labour and goodwill.  
The Steering Group – at September 2016

  • Ben Scott
  • Christina Stone
  • Matt Salvage
  • Catherine Wright

We will add a bio for each person once they have written it!