Making CHAOS connections 

TLDR: Mayflower and CHAOS want to be friends. We are thinking about how we might make that work for all of us. 

Catherine from CHAOS HQ reports on an interesting meeting she has had with a large local arts organisation as part of our strategy of growing the connections and influence of our network.

“I had a meeting with Sara Scott, Head of Outreach at Mayflower to catch her up on CHAOS developments. She has a new post as head of a beefed up team which should be good news for local creators. 

She was aware of our activity in seeking to grow CHAOS and welcomed a united voice for city creators.

We chatted about the organisation Art at the Heart. It was interesting to learn that it continues to meet – I had assumed it had fallen by the wayside. Sara explained that having reviewed its purpose after the “Playing Field” initiative a few years ago, AATH members decided that it continues to be a useful network for larger arts organisations in the city and not just those connected to Guildhall square. 

They intend to carry on working together on projects to benefit the whole city and excitingly, are keen to find ways of having a formal relationship with CHAOS. 

Your CHAOS HQ team will discuss this opportunity in the next couple of months and if you have thoughts about the pros/cons of such an initiative, please make sure you share them. 

As a measure of Mayflower’s partnership approach, they sent a member of their outreach team to a recent CHAOS meet up. This was a thoughtful move on their part to build connections. Sara told me that other members of the theatre’s team will be coming to future meetings. 

This seems like a great model for forging links between CHAOS members and other local producer/employer organisations. Perhaps we should encourage other local arts and culture organisations to do the same?

We also talked about the idea of shared an idea of a Young CHAOS: a bunch of specialist services and support for Southampton’s young creators. ‘Young people’ is often used as shorthand for graduates. We have thousands of 16-21s involved in youth theatres, music groups, dance groups etc. A voice speaking up for them could do great things.

Its just an idea at this stage. Do you have any thoughts to share? Please make them known on facebook, twitter or drop us an email to CHAOS HQ

The next chaos meet up is on Monday 7 November 2016 at 9am. Venue tbc.