A creators network manifesto for Southampton 

The CHAOS steering group of Ben, Catherine, Charlie, Christina and Matt have drafted a 5 point manifesto which is now out for consultation. It has been sent out to all members by email and we are reposting it regulary on Facebook and twitter to try and get the widest response. 

Back at the Culture City day in May 16, a delegate floated the idea that a good manifesto, capable of galvanising and focusing an organisation should be no longer than could fit on a tea towel. That model inspired the steering group and the manifesto that has been put out for consultation includes just five short statements:

1. We are a voice for the creators from Southampton’s arts and culture communities

2. We are open, inclusive and collaborative

3. We support each other to flourish in our creativity and resilience

4. We believe the contribution of art and culture is vital to our city’s wellbeing

5. We will make our voice heard by policy makers

A cut off date of 23 October has been set which means the final version will be launched to the members at the November 7th meet up and shared with policy makers and other organisations directly afterwards. 

Members who have contacts with organisations or key individuals who they believe should be made aware of CHAOS manifesto once it is finalised are needed to ensure our message is received in all the right places. Please share your information for the benefit of the network (within the terms if your own data protection artangements, of course) by contributing when data collection happens in the coming weeks.